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Creativity may be a subjective thing, but delivering relevant, highly impactful creative work is not. The only thing stronger than Josh’s ability to capture, compose and score is his character as a person. To those looking for long-term producing partners, Josh is someone deserving of a seat at the above-the-line table.”

Caleb Pedosiuk,

Creative Producer, 79 Development

“Josh has been an integral part of our productions; we won’t use anyone else for our location sound and composing needs. He takes our productions to the next level!”

Nelson Dunk

Owner, Skylight Visual Media Productions

“Josh’s music is bold, dynamic and engaging. I think the words I would use to describe him are versatile, professional, genuine and uplifting.”

Jennifer Lloyd

Account Manager, High Rise Studio

“Working with Josh is always a positive experience. In my opinion, is is very rare to get so much expertise alongside customer service that makes you always feel like you are working with a close friend. For amazing tracks, I highly recommend Josh Snethlage and Mixed Media Sound!”

Paul Terpstra

Producer, Terpstra Creative

“Josh is a real pro at what he does. He’s easy to work with and a gifted composer and sound engineer. His ideas are good and without fail lead to a better end product. He never makes me wait and the end result is always excellent.”

David Peck

Speaker, activist and change-maker


Hi, I’m Josh and this is what a few of my friends say about me. No joke, ask them yourself.

I write music for all sorts of things: short films, feature-length films, commercials and ads. I also like to do sound effects and write little stingers and ditties, whatever my clients are looking for.

I am a father of two and married to the most gracious woman alive, for which I am incredibly grateful. I have a studio in my basement and usually write after the kids are in bed, or when the family is out of the house.

Writing music both freaks me out and invigorates me. I feel like creativity is a wild magic  summoned, and in the wake of its destructive beauty, it can only be interpreted, never controlled.

I’ve been writing, or interpreting (if we are going to go with that analogy) music from the ripe pre-pubescent age of 11, when my piano teacher asked me to write a piece of music for a competition. I just happened to win the Canadian gold medal and the international bronze for the Royal Conservatory of Music. Since then I have had a slew of jobs writing for some lesser-known online video games, indie films both feature-length and short, and a number of commercials for names you probably know.

Anyways, that’s about all I am going to say about me. If you want to talk, I would love to contact you and become friends.